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Heating Oil Prices Rising in New England

January 10, 2009

NEW HAMPSHIRE - While residents in New Hampshire saw average heating oil prices drop by a fraction of a cent, homeowners in Massachusetts, Connecticut and other areas of New England saw the average price rise by $0.10 per gallon.

While ten cents may not seem like much, considering prices have dropped from the $4.00 to $5.00 per gallon many expected to pay all winter, the rise could signal the beginning of the end of cheap heating fuel this winter.

Should prices continue to rise, many who were reluctant to sign a contract to lock in at a fixed price, may be seeing the other side of the coin. While weather is one definite factor, and temperatures have been dropping, regional, national or global factors are always at play in the oil business.

Home owners who are not locked in may want to start doing some shopping now, seeing what the various dealers in their area have to offer. In addition to removing the uncertainty of fluctuations in the price of oil, many full service dealers offer service plans to oil delivery customers that can eliminate costly service calls which almost always occur in the cold of winter.

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